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11ft surfboard bags

If you are looking for a surf board bag to fit your 11ft surfboard you are in the right place! All of the canvas surfboard bags below are available for boards 6ft - 11ft.
canvas surfboard bag 10ft 6ft canvas surfboard bag
Olive Drab Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
10 ft harbor tan canvas surfboard bag Harbor Tan Canvas Surfboard Bag
Harbor Tan Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
10 ft surfboard bag 8ft canvas surfboard bag
Seal Brown Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD

Introducing our extraordinary collection: 11 Foot Surfboard Bags by Faro. These bags are the epitome of superior protection and style Designed to preserve and safeguard your beloved longboards and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs). We understand the importance of keeping your valuable boards safe during transportation and storage, so we've crafted these bags with meticulous attention to detail. Our 11 Foot Surfboard Bags are constructed using durable, sustainable materials that can withstand the rigors of any adventure.

Why Faro bags are the best choice for safeguarding your surfboard

1. Reliable travel companion

If you're looking for a reliable way to protect your surfboard while traveling, Faro bags are an excellent choice. These bags are designed to be extremely durable and have an innovative design that offers unbeatable protection against cracks, dings, and scratches while you're out on your adventures. If you're planning a road trip or exploring rough terrains, Faro bags will ensure your surfboard stays safe throughout the journey. Choose Faro for peace of mind and enjoy worry-free travels with your cherished board.

2. Guarding Beyond Boards

Faro bags go above and beyond the call of duty when safeguarding your prized possessions. We understand that it's not just your boards that deserve top-notch protection. Our bags liberate your vehicle from the clutches of excess sand and melted wax, sparing you the hassle of constant cleanups. Moreover, they ensure that your wax and leash velcro won't stick to the bag when sliding your board in and out. With a waterproof coating that enhances water and stain resistance, any stray sand or wax inside the bag can be effortlessly flipped out. Discover the all-encompassing shield of Faro bags, providing unparalleled care for your gear and surroundings.

3. Surpassing the Competition

Faro takes the lead regarding board bags, leaving other options behind. Our superior craftsmanship and design set us apart, ensuring unmatched protection for your valuable boards. We go the extra mile to safeguard your gear with features like reinforced padding, durable materials, and innovative closures. Our bags are meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of travel and adventure, providing reliable defense against wear and tear. Say goodbye to worries about dings, scratches, and UV damage. Choose Faro bags for the ultimate peace of mind, knowing your boards are in the best hands possible. Elevate your board protection game with Faro, the unrivaled choice for discerning surfers.

4. Unparalleled protection against wear and tear

Our bags are made to protect your belongings from the usual wear and tear that happens during everyday use. Whether your boards are made of fiberglass, epoxy, or carbon fiber, Faro bags can protect your board from cracks, dings, and scratches. You can trust Faro to protect your board, so you can enjoy surfing more and worrying less about damaging your board.

5. Sustainably made for conscious consumers

At Faro, we are committed to combating overconsumption by producing carefully sourced products designed to endure. Our gear is made to be superior in quality, appearance, and durability, making it a responsible and long-lasting option for your travels. Our top priority is to use materials that are sourced ethically and responsibly. We make use of recycled polyester that is made from plastic waste found in the ocean, organic cotton, and upcycled canvas. By partnering with local advocates, we transform discarded plastic bottles into our rugged StokedPlastic™️ canvas, saving 45+ ocean bottles with each board bag. Our handmade bags are crafted with attention to detail and durability, embodying a timeless style that endures the test of time.