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8ft Surfboard Bags

If you are looking for a surf board bag to fit your 8ft surfboard you are in the right place! All of the canvas surfboard bags below are available for boards 6ft - 11ft.
8ft canvas surfboard bag 6ft canvas surfboard bag
Olive Drab Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
Harbor Tan Canvas Surfboard Bag 10 ft Harbor Tan Canvas Surfboard Bag
Harbor Tan Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
9ft surfboard bag 8ft canvas surfboard bag
Seal Brown Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
On sale Olive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board Bag Olive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board Bag
Olive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board Bag Sale priceFrom $210.00 USD Regular price$220.00 USD

Surfboard bags are essential for protecting your prized boards, and when it comes to safeguarding your mid-lengths, funboards, and guns, our 8-foot bags are unbeatable. Designed with durability, functionality, and style in mind, these Faro bags are a must-have for any surfer seeking ultimate protection.

Unmatched Protection for every surfboard

Whether fiberglass, epoxy, or carbon fiber, pesky scratches and hazards are ever-present. While our bags can't safeguard your board in the water, they ensure it's well-protected on dry land.

Sun damage is another concern we help you fight. Your board should be kept from the scorching sun, even during your wave-chasing adventures. Prolonged UV exposure can cause blistering, cracking, and unsightly yellowing, compromising its longevity. But fear not because when wrapped in a Faro bag, your board remains untouched by the sun's harmful rays, preserving its pristine condition for years.

Ready for Any Adventure whether you're embarking on a road trip with friends or deciding between strapping your boards to the roof or placing them in the truck bed, Faro bags have you covered. Stack your boards worry-free, without wax transfer between them. No need to fret about cracks, dings, or scratches while navigating turns, potholes, or rough dirt roads. With Faro, your boards are safe and secure throughout your journey.

Beyond protecting your mid-lengths and funboards, these bags serve another purpose—they keep excess sand and melted wax out of your vehicle. Say goodbye to the never-ending task of cleaning your car, truck, or van. Moreover, you can bid farewell to worries about your fins or leash velcro snagging on your vehicle's interior, as Faro bags offer a hassle-free experience.

Faro Surfboard Bags vs. The Rest! Faro bags are superior to traditional surfboard socks out on the market, our 8-foot bags boast numerous advantages

1. Easy to Carry

Unlike cumbersome socks, our bags are designed for effortless portability.

2. Stylish Appeal

We're committed to crafting high-quality goods that exemplify style, simplicity, and craftsmanship. Handmade in California, these bags look great and deliver exceptional functionality.

3. Wax and Velcro Resistant

No more sticky situations. Our bags prevent your wax and leash velcro from stubbornly clinging to them, making sliding your board in and out a breeze.

4. Sand-Free Solution

If sand or wax does find its way into your bag, don't fret. With a simple flip, it effortlessly falls out, sparing you from the arduous task of washing or struggling to turn it inside out.

5. Convenient Daily Use

Say goodbye to arm-switching fatigue. Our adjustable shoulder strap lets you comfortably transport your boards to those secret, hard-to-reach spots without a sweat. Plus, the extra-wide opening ensures you get all the set waves, even if you are rushing to get your bonzer out in time.

6. Sustainable Choice for Conscious Surfers

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep. Faro's 8-foot surfboard bags are meticulously designed in San Diego using recycled ocean plastic, making them an eco-friendly choice. We've created bags that endure, eliminating the need for frequent replacements due to broken zippers or frayed stitching. By protecting your boards with Faro bags, you're safeguarding your investment and contributing to a healthier planet.

Our passion for the ocean knows no bounds. In addition to our dedication to surfing, we strive to protect the waves that bring us immeasurable joy. Don't compromise when it comes to protecting your beloved boards. Choose Faro, the ultimate surfboard bag that blends style, functionality, and sustainability to keep your mid-lengths, funboards, and guns safe on all your everyday adventures.