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A Collection Of High Quality Fin Wallets.
Designed in San Diego, California. 
Surfboard Fin Wallet - Olive DrabSurfboard Fin Wallet - Olive Drab
Surfboard Fin Wallet - Harbor TanSurfboard Fin Wallet - Harbor Tan
Surfboard Fin Wallet - Seal BrownSurfboard Fin Wallet - Seal Brown
Introducing the Traveler Fin Wallet by FARO - the perfect companion for surfers to keep their surfboard fins and essentials organized and safe. This fin wallet is specially designed to store fins, wax, leashes, and other gear without any hassle. Whether you are going for a daily surf session or planning a surf adventure, the Traveler Fin Wallet is the ultimate solution for all your needs.

Organize with Ease

Effortlessly keep your surf gear in check. The Traveler Fin Wallet boasts ample space to accommodate large single fins, twin keels, bonzer fins, and more. No more rummaging through your bag – everything has its place, making your surf preparations a breeze.

Travel-Friendly Design

Built with the surfer on the go in mind, this wallet strikes the perfect balance. It is spacious enough to accommodate your gear requirements yet thin enough to fit effortlessly into your backpack or board bag. Enjoy the convenience of having your essentials well-organized, whether you are going to a nearby surf spot or traveling to a distant one.

Versatility for Every Adventure

The Traveler Fin Wallet isn't just for the occasional surf trip – it's an everyday essential for surfers who live for the waves. From routine surfs to spontaneous adventures, this wallet is designed to complement your lifestyle. Embrace the freedom to pursue your passion, knowing your gear is always within reach.

Key Features

Spacious Storage: Accommodates large single fins, twin keels, bonzer fins, and more.

Travel-Ready: Thin design for easy stowage in your board bag or backpack.

Everyday Convenience: Ideal for daily surfs, travel, and spontaneous adventures.

Invest in the Traveler Fin Wallet by FARO – the perfect blend of functionality and convenience for surfers who demand organization and accessibility for their gear. Surf with confidence, knowing your essentials are neatly stored and ready for every wave.