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Canvas Surfboard Bags

All of the canvas surfboard bags below are available for boards 6ft - 11ft.
canvas surfboard bag 10ft6ft canvas surfboard bag
Olive Drab Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
10 ft harbor tan canvas surfboard bagHarbor Tan Canvas Surfboard Bag
Harbor Tan Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
10 ft surfboard bag8ft canvas surfboard bag
Seal Brown Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
On sale Olive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board BagOlive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board Bag
Olive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board Bag Sale priceFrom $210.00 USD Regular price$220.00 USD

Explore the world of the mind and adventures with our remarkable canvas surfboard bags. Whether strapping them to your rig or tossing them in the back of your truck, these bags ensure your quiver stays safe during every escape.

Unrivaled Protection for Your Surfboard

1. Everyday Protection

Your surfboard is vulnerable to cracks, dings, and scratches that can happen at any time. Our rugged canvas bags prioritize your board's safety on dry land, providing reliable protection against these risks. With reinforced stitching and durable materials, our bags create a shield that safeguards your surfboard from potential damage.

2. Sun Shield Technology

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause blistering, cracking, and yellowing of your surfboard. Our recycled canvas bags feature sun shield technology, providing reliable protection against harmful UV rays. Preserving your board's youthful appearance for years, our bags ensure that the sun won't compromise its beauty and lifespan. With our innovative solution, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your surfboard is well protected from the damaging effects of the sun.

Adventures Await, Protection Guaranteed

1. Road Trip Ready

Say goodbye to the dilemmas of transporting your boards during road trips. Our canvas bags are designed to make your journey hassle-free. With ample space and sturdy construction, you can confidently stack your boards without worrying about wax transfer or the risk of cracks, dings, and scratches caused by rough roads. Our bags provide the ultimate protection, keeping your boards secure and intact throughout the trip.

2. Clean and Hassle-Free

Tired of dealing with excess sand and melted wax in your vehicle? Our bags offer a clean and hassle-free solution. Using our bags, you can keep the sand and wax confined to the bag, preventing them from making a mess in your car. With specially designed compartments and waterproof lining, our bags ensure that your fins and leash velcro won't snag on your vehicle's interior, saving you from any potential damage.

Canvas Surfboard Bags vs. Ordinary Bags: Better Than the Rest

1. Stylish Portability

Say goodbye to ordinary surfboard bags and welcome our canvas bags that redefine style and convenience. We understand the importance of aesthetics, so our bags combine timeless design with functional features. With attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, our bags are not just practical accessories but also a statement of your style. Whether heading to the beach or cruising to your favorite surf spot, our canvas bags offer unmatched portability without compromising style.

2. Superior Functionality

Don't settle for bags that cause frustration and inconvenience. Our canvas bags are designed with superior functionality in mind. No more struggling with sticking material, sand traps, or difficulty sliding your board in and out. Our bags feature a convenient roll bottom closure for easy access and secure storage. The waterproof lining ensures that wax and Velcro won't stick, making it a breeze to handle your board.

Timeless Style and Tried & Tested Functionality

At Faro, we firmly believe that sustainability is the key to a brighter future. With a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, we are dedicated to positively impacting the planet. Our practices revolve around responsible sourcing, utilizing mindfully selected materials that are durable, recycled, and built to last. From recycled polyester to organic cotton grown locally, we prioritize ethically and responsibly sourced materials.

We strive to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint through small-scale local manufacturing and repurposing deadstock materials and factory seconds. By putting the planet ahead of profits, we create products that are not only long-lasting but also minimize harm to the environment.

Together, we can pave the way for a sustainable future where conscious consumption and eco-friendly choices become the norm. Join us in our mission to protect the planet and make the best surfboard bags possible.