Fueled by our passion for surfing, living simply, and a drive to craft high quality products.

From the founder:

Faro Board Bags was created to inspire people to live simply, explore more and be conscious about where, how, and from whom we get our products.

"I had fallen in love with surfing and living a simple life of travel, exploring parts of the world few will ever see. However, both at home and on the road, I noticed a common problem threatening the smaller corners of the world we are all drawn to: overconsumption. The negative impacts of overconsumption are everywhere, and I realized that we are all part of the problem. Once I recognized this, I decided I needed to do something to help others and myself become part of the solution, rather than being more part of the problem.

I wanted to make simple, durable products from responsibly sourced materials, mitigating overconsumption through quality, long-lasting goods that you will only need to buy once.

After months of researching responsibly sourced materials and learning about the process of creating quality, rugged bags, Faro Board Bags was born! My aim is to inspire people to get out, explore more, and keep living a conscious lifestyle."

Jack Ventura

Our core values guide our evolution :

We prioritize people and the planet ahead of profit. We stand by our products and will repair, replace, or exchange them at no cost if they don't meet our standards or yours. We are committed to preventing waste. "No" is not in our quiver; we are always looking for the "how," and pride ourselves on finding them. Check our FAQ for more information.

People Before Profit:


We believe Faro gear is an investment. Therefore, we are creating products that provide value by being built better, looking better, and lasting longer. Part of a product is what it is made of, so we place great importance on knowing where, how, and from whom all of our materials come from.

We believe in returning sustainability to its original meaning; the ability of something to sustain time. Products that are built better, look better, and last longer make them a sustainable choice that will naturally be part of your journey for a long, long time.



We believe that not everything in your product arsenal should change with trends. That's why we focus on creating timeless staples - utilitarian goods that won't go out of style. Our products encourage exploration and adventure for years to come.

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