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FARO Mission:

To mitigate over consumption through quality long lasting goods.

from the founder:

"I had fallen in love with surfing & exploring parts of the world few will ever see. However, both at home and on the road, I noticed a common problem threatening the smaller corners of the world we are all drawn to: overconsumption.

I decided I needed to do something to help others and myself become part of the solution, rather than being more part of the problem.

My aim was to make simple, durable products from rugged materials, mitigating overconsumption through quality, long-lasting goods."

- Jack Ventura


The FARO mission is our north star, and our core values guide the evolution of the brand and products.


Build gear that works better, looks better, and lasts longer, constantly improving everything we do. We believe FARO products are an investment. Therefore, we are investing time on the back end to ensure that everything we produce is a quality investment on the front end.


The ability of something to sustain time - Create products and processes that are built to last and use responsibly sourced materials.


Be transparent about our practices. Built to last is a community effort, therefore, we will always be honest in order to encourage open conversations, which are crucial to our success.


Inspire exploration in all its forms, including how we explore people, products, and places. Discover how we can push boundaries and inspire creativity.


Not everything should change with trends. That's why we focus on creating timeless staples - utilitarian goods that won't go out of style but will encourage exploration and adventure for years to come.