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7ft Surfboard Bags

If you are looking for a surf board bag to fit your 7ft surfboard you are in the right place! All of the canvas surfboard bags below are available for boards 6ft - 11ft.

7ft canvas surfboard bag 6ft canvas surfboard bag
Olive Drab Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
7ft canvas surfboard bag Harbor Tan Canvas Surfboard Bag
Harbor Tan Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
9ft surfboard bag 8ft canvas surfboard bag
Seal Brown Canvas Surfboard Bag Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
On sale Olive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board Bag Olive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board Bag
Olive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board Bag Sale priceFrom $210.00 USD Regular price$220.00 USD

Whether strapping your boards to the roof of your vehicle or tossing them in the back of your truck, our 7-foot bags provide unrivaled protection for your boards during all your surf adventures.

We've built our 7-foot bags at Faro Board Bags with more than just protection in mind. They embody ruggedness, functionality, and adjustability, making them an essential accessory for any surfer.

Here's how Faro bags ensure the safety of your surfboard

1. Shielding your board from wear and tear

Cracks, dings, and scratches can occur at any time. Doesn’t matter if your surfboard is made of fiberglass, epoxy, or carbon fiber, it is susceptible to everyday wear and tear. Although our bags can't protect your board in the water, they excel at safeguarding it on dry land. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to blistering, cracking, and yellowing, permanently damaging your board and shortening its lifespan. By covering your board in a Faro bag, you prevent yellowing and aging, extending your surfboard's life for years.

2. Reliable companion on road trips

When embarking on a road trip with friends, deciding whether to place your boards in the back of the truck or secure them on the roof can be challenging. With Faro bags, you can rest easy knowing that we've covered you regardless of your choice. Our bags allow you to stack boards on each other without worrying about wax transferring between them. Moreover, cracks, dings, and scratches won't be a concern when facing turns, potholes, or dirt roads along your journey.

3. Comprehensive protection for funboards and step-ups

Faro bags safeguard your funboards and step-ups and beyond. They also prevent excess sand and melted wax from infiltrating your vehicle, saving you the hassle of frequent cleanups. Additionally, our bags ensure that wax and leash Velcro won't stick to the bag when sliding your board in and out.

4. Faro surfboard bags surpass the competition

Traditional surfboard bags often fall short when providing adequate protection. They are difficult to carry, aesthetically unpleasing, tend to stick to wax and leash Velcro, trap sand, and make it challenging to quickly slide the board in and out due to their drawstring closure. Keeping in mind these limitations, we designed our 7-foot bags to move effortlessly with your board while embodying timeless style, functionality, and sustainability.

5. Timeless style for surfers who value craftsmanship

Our commitment lies in creating high-quality bags for surfers who appreciate style, simplicity, and craftsmanship. Handmade in California, our simplistic covers look great and function exceptionally well. Whether cruising to your local beach or exploring a small point break in an off-roader, Faro will accompany you every step as long as you embrace new adventures.

Tested functionality you can rely on. While most board socks offer adequate protection, there's always room for improvement. At Faro, we go beyond settling for "just fine" and create bags that exceed expectations. Starting with the construction, our bags are equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap which eliminates the need for constantly switching arms during transportation, allowing you to carry your boards safely to that secret, hard-to-reach spot without breaking a sweat. Moreover the extra-wide opening ensures you never miss another chest-high set because you couldn't extract your twin fin in time.

Sustainably made for conscious consumers and healthy oceans: Sustainably made for conscious consumers and healthy oceans, Faro is dedicated to crafting goods from mindfully sourced materials. Our rugged products are built to withstand time, reducing overconsumption and promoting sustainability. We use recycled polyester from ocean-found plastic and organic cotton and repurpose dead-stock and factory seconds canvas. By prioritizing responsible sourcing and small-scale local manufacturing, we create adventure-proof gear with timeless style, ensuring a lasting impact on the environment and your journeys.