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Article: Is a Surfboard Bag Necessary?

Is a Surfboard Bag Necessary?

Is a Surfboard Bag Necessary?

Surfboard bags are one of the essential accessories for every surfer. They help protect your surfboard from damage and make it easier to transport it to and from the beach. But are they really necessary? In this blog, we will take a closer look at surfboard cases and answer this question once and for all.

The Reason Surfboard Bags Are Necessary: 

1. Protecting Your Surfboard

One of the most significant benefits of using a surfboard bag is that it protects your board from damage. Here are some ways that surfboard bags can protect your surfboard:

Preventing dings and scratches: Surfboard covers are made of durable materials that can withstand the rigors of travel. They help protect your board from dings and scratches that can occur during transport.

Protecting against the sun: Surfboard bags also protect your board from the harmful effects of the sun. UV rays can damage the resin and foam of your surfboard, causing it to turn yellow and weaken over time. A surfboard bag with UV protection will help prevent this damage.

Keeping your board dry: Surfboard carriers can also keep your board dry, which is essential for preventing water damage. If your board is wet for an extended period, mold and mildew can develop, which can weaken its structure.

2. Transporting Your Surfboard

Another benefit of using a surfboard case is that it makes it easier to transport your board. Here are some ways that surfboard bags can help with transportation:

Carrying your board: Board bags come with handles and shoulder straps, making it easier to carry your board. This is especially useful if you need to walk long distances to get to the beach.

Protecting your car: Surfboard carriers can also protect your car from wax and sand that can rub off your board during transport. This can save you time and money on cleaning and detailing your car.

Air travel: If you are traveling by air, a board bag is essential. Airlines require that surfboards be packed in a bag for transport. A good surfboard case will protect your board from damage during the flight and make it easier to check in and out at the airport.

3. Saving You Money

While surfboard bags can be a significant investment, they can save you money in the long run. Here are some ways that surfboard bags can save you money:

Extending the life of your surfboard: As mentioned earlier, surfboard carriers protect your board from damage. By preventing dings, scratches, and water damage, you can extend the life of your surfboard. This means you won't have to replace your board as often, saving you money in the long run.

Saving you on repairs: If your board does get damaged, repairs can be expensive. By using a surfboard case, you can prevent damage from occurring in the first place, saving you money on repairs.


4. Easier Storage

A surfboard bag keeps your board protected from the elements, like dust and harsh sunlight, even when it's chilling in the garage or shed. Plus, some bags offer built-in straps or compartments for your wetsuit, leash, and wax. This eliminates the storage scramble and creates a neat and tidy surfer haven, ready for your next adventure.

Not only does a surfboard bag protect your boards, but it also improves the portability factor. Whether you're heading down to the local beach or going on a surf trip overseas, a bag with a comfortable shoulder strap or even wheels can make transportation a breeze. This added convenience ensures your surfboard arrives at your destination in top condition.

When Can You Get Away Without a Surfboard Bag?

While a surfboard bag is the ultimate protector, there are a couple of rare instances where you might get away without one.  For super short distances, like carrying your board from your car to the beach entrance, the risk of damage is minimal.  Just be extra careful and avoid crowded areas.  

A very well-protected surfboard sock can also offer some defense for short trips.  However, these typically lack padding and aren't ideal for anything more than gentle handling.  Remember, a ding on your board can ruin your entire surf session.  For true peace of mind, a good surfboard bag is always the safest bet.

Protecting Your Surfboard: Simple Solutions and Common Mistakes

Surfboard Socks: When you don't have any other protective gear for your surfboard, a surfboard sock can provide some basic protection from small scratches. This is especially helpful when your board is at home, or you just need to carry it a short distance from your car to the beach. You can think of it as sunscreen for your board - it's good for basic protection but not suitable for heavy-duty situations.

Tarps or Blankets: Using tarps or blankets as an alternative to a surfboard bag during transport is not recommended, as they offer minimal protection and can easily snag or tear, potentially causing more damage.

Bare Board: Leaving your surfboard out in the open is not a good idea. It can get damaged easily by dings, sun exposure, or even animals who might mistake it for a toy. To avoid any unwanted damage, it is recommended to invest in a proper surfboard bag.

FARO Surfboard Bags

Using a surfboard bag is one of the best ways to protect your surfboard, and FARO Surfboard Bags are a fantastic option for surfers who value high-quality, durable gear that offers both protection and sustainability. With a range of sizes available, FARO bags are designed to fit your board perfectly and come with features like padded straps and durable materials that offer added protection during transport.

If you need help sizing a bag for your board you can read here to figure out what size surfboard bag you need.

In addition to being functional and protective, FARO Surfboard Bags are also made with responsibly sourced materials to reduce our impact on the environment. When it comes to protecting your surfboard during transport, you want a bag that is not only functional but also made with responsibly sourced materials. At FARO, we offer 7' surfboard bags that will keep your board safe and secure while minimizing our impact on the environment. Don't hesitate to invest in a FARO Surfboard Bag today and enjoy peace of mind on your next surfing adventure!


In conclusion, a surfboard carrier is an essential piece of equipment for surfers who want to protect their boards during transport and storage. Not only do surfboard bags provide added protection from scratches, dings, and other hazards, but they can also make it easier to transport your board. FARO Surfboard Bags offer high-quality, durable gear that's built to last, with a focus on sustainability and transparency. Whether you're traveling by air or just storing your board at home, investing in a surfboard bag is a smart decision that will help ensure your board stays in great condition for years to come.