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Olive Drab Padded Day / Travel Board Bag

Sale price$210.00 USD Regular price$220.00 USD

The World's Most Versatile Surfboard Bag

Protect your boards during everyday adventures or pack them for international travel with just one bag. Our new Padded Day/Travel Bags are:


✔️ Padded

✔️ Adjustable

✔️ Lined with internal packing pockets

✔️ Backed by our Craftsmanship Guarantee


*Shipping on 09/01/2024*


new innovation

internal packing pockets

Neatly pack clothes, towels, and wetsuits in your bag for extra protection when traveling. Or, you can utilize the 6mm padding that's already built into each bag.

own less & do more

adjustable feature

Just like our Canvas Covers, this board bag can adjust to fit different surfboard sizes. Now you can use one bag for various board lengths; whether you're at home or on the road!

full protection

high-density foam padding

The entire bag is equipped with 6mm high-density foam padding, providing durability, protection, and lightness. An additional 6mm of padding is applied to the top and bottom rails for extra protection.

Risk-Free Purchase

Craftsmanship Guarantee

For the lifetime of this product we will repair, replace, or refund any bag not meeting your standards or ours. LEARN MORE HERE!

Behind The Seams:

Detailed video below of the PADDED DAY/TRAVEL BOARD BAG...

Customer Reviews

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I used this bag to fly all my stuff down to Mexico for a 2-week trip. The bag protected my board and I did not add any protective padding, pool noodles, bubble wrap, or anything of the sort. Just packed my board and some clothes and a towel in the internal pockets, handed it off to the flight agents and prayed for the best - the bag delivered and the board arrived safe! Thanks for letting me test an epic product!