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Canvas Surfboard Bags

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Surfboard Bags Built For the Mindful & Adventurous

 Whether you are strapping your surfboards to the top of your rig or throwing them in the back of the truck, these canvas surfboard bags protect your quiver on everyday adventures. 

We built these bags with more than just protection in mind – they’re rugged, functional, and adjustable. From the recycled polyester canvas to the roll-bottom closure system, these handmade bags are a must-have for any surfer.

How Faro canvas surfboard bags protect your surfboard

 Whether it’s fiberglass, epoxy, or carbon fiber, your board isn’t immune to everyday wear and tear. Cracks, dings, and scratches can happen to your surfboard at any time. And while our bags can’t protect your board in the water, we’ll take care of it on dry land.

Your board isn’t meant to sit out in the sun for hours at a time, even when you're chasing waves. Prolonged UV exposure causes blistering, cracking, and yellowing, causing permanent damage and shortening its lifespan. So how to protect your surfboard from yellowing? All wrapped up in our recycled canvas bags, your board won’t yellow or age a minute, extending its life for years to come. 

Taking a road trip with your friends? It’s tough to decide whether to throw your boards in the back of the truck or strap them to the top of your rig. Whatever you choose, Faro canvas bags have you covered. You can stack boards on top of each other without transferring wax onto other boards. And you don’t need to worry about cracks, dings, or scratches on every turn, pothole, or dirt road that your journey takes you on. 

Faro bags protect more than just your boards. They’ll help keep excess sand and melted wax out of your car, truck, or van so you don’t have to constantly clean your rig. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your fins or leash velcro snagging on your vehicle’s interior. 

Canvas surfboard bags vs. any other board bag

Better than any surfboard sock on the market

Most board socks are cheap alternatives for everyday surfboard protection. Most surfers complain that they:

  • Are hard to carry
  • Look terrible
  • Stick to the wax and velcro on your leash
  • Trap sand inside, just for it to fall out inside the car
  • Make it hard to quickly slide the board in & out with the tight drawstring closure

That’s why our canvas surfboard bags are designed with timeless style, functionality, and sustainability at the front of mind. 

Timeless style

We’re committed to building high-quality goods for surfers who value style, simplicity, and craftsmanship. Handmade in the Californias, these simplistic covers look great and function even better. And whether you’re cruising to your local beach or exploring a remote point break in your 4x4, Faro will be with you every step of the way – so long as you keep adventuring. 

Tried & tested functionality

Most board socks are just fine; they’ll protect your board but there’s still plenty to be desired. But “just fine” isn’t good enough for us and it’s definitely not good enough for your quiver – we created bags that you’ll actually want to use. 

Let’s start with the material. Your wax and leash Velcro won’t stick to the canvas every time you try to slide your board in & out. The fabric is lined with a waterproof coating, making them more water and stain-resistant to whatever you throw at it. And if any sand or wax makes it into your bag, it’s easy to get out. No more washing or struggling to keep your gear clean, just flip it over and any sand or wax will fall out.

Now onto the daily use. No more switching arms every couple hundred steps, the adjustable shoulder strap helps you safely carry your boards to that secret, hard-to-get-to spot without breaking a sweat. And when you show up to find an empty lineup, you won’t need to spend five minutes taking your board out of the bag – it’ll slide right out of the extra-wide opening. 

Sustainably-made for conscious consumers & healthy oceans

Faro’s canvas surfboard bags are designed in San Diego from recycled ocean plastic. And they’re built to last for conscious consumers. So instead of buying a new bag every time a zipper breaks or the stitching frays, we created bags that you’ll be stuck with for years. And as long as you protect your boards with Faro bags, they’ll last just as long.

We’re passionate about the oceans, that’s no surprise. But our passion extends far beyond surfing – we’re dedicated to protecting the waves that give us so much. That’s why, through our collaboration with SeaTrees, each board bag purchase helps restore kelp forests in Palos Verdes, California.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bag should I get for my surfboard?

We recommend choosing a bag that’s equal to or greater in length than your surfboard. Our board bags fit true to size with an additional 3-5 inches to accommodate your mounted fins, wetsuit, and roll-bottom closure

Our canvas surfboard bags range in size from 6 feet to 11 feet and are made with an adjustable roll-top enclosure. This means you don’t have to buy two bags just to protect your fish and your step-up or mid-length board – our bags can handle them both. So whether you need protection for your shortboard or vintage longboard, we’ve got you covered, literally.

How wide are the bags?

The 6’ to 9’ bags are 23” wide and the 10’ & 11’ bags are 26” wide, more than enough to comfortably fit funboards, eggs, soft-tops, and wide, round-nose shapes. They may fit performance SUPS but are not meant for recreational paddleboards.

Is there a fin slit?

Yes, all 10’ & 11’ bags are built with fin slits to accommodate large single fins. This also helps when putting the bag on and off your longboard. The smaller bags are made to fit with your fins on, even large, glassed-in single & twin fins.

Are surfboard bags worth it?

That depends, do you use protection for the other “important” things in life? Surfboard bags are an investment. And we think it’s worth spending a little bit extra to protect your quiver. Our boards mean everything to us and we want to ride them for a long, long time. Pick up a Faro canvas bag so you can spend more time in the water and less time worrying about your boards.