Green Watch cap beanies made from hemp and organic cotton
Green Beanie. Green Hemp Beanie
Navy Watch Cap Beanie. Winter Hat
Rust color beanie made from sustainable materials. Decorated and Designed in California
Tan color beanie. Skull cap beanie made for surfing. Handmade Hand Sewn in USA
Hemp Brown Beanies

Watch Cap Beanies

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Not Just Another Beanie

The perfect piece of simple, winter apparel. Sustainably made with hemp and organic cotton, colors inspired by the outdoors and a design that mimics iconic Navy watch caps. A minimalist, timeless style that is here to stay and a cut that tells the stories of adventure and early mornings by sea… 


  • One size fits all. These caps naturally stretch and loosen to any head size. 
  • Made from hemp & organic cotton.
  • Warm and breathable.  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Kelly Bedoya

    Love my beanie, love the green and the material is so great. Super comfy & warm

    Elijah Aikens

    I ordered a brown beanie and it’s quickly become my go-to headwear. It’s got a rugged but soft feel to it, like a camp blanket.

    I have a pretty big head and at first was concerned that it was a little tight but the material has somehow managed to both stretch to a comfortable size but still retain its shape and elasticity.

    I really wish more clothing products were of this quality in the industry. Looking forward to see what else Faro comes out with next!

    Anthony Nguyen
    Absolutely love it!

    I'm all about the Hemp & Organic Cotton! Perfect for those chilly morning surf checks!

    Awesome beanie

    Such a dope beanie I have one in brown and I love it always getting compliments on it. Also keeps you super warm and cozy on the colder days in the winter. Highly suggest getting one for yourself!

    Best hemp beanie

    I had been searching all over for a hemp beanie that fit well and had a classic style. This one checked all of the boxes. Sustainably made, warm but breathable and a classic fit. Couldn't ask for more, thanks faro for another great product!