Sustainable Tote Bags

Sustainable tote bags designed for everyday use

Faro sustainable tote bags are the go-to option for everyday errands and rugged, far-out adventures. When two hands just aren’t enough, throw your goods over your shoulder in style. Keep your wallet, cell phone, keys, and everything else organized when you’re on the go.

These sustainable tote bags are locally & ethically handmade in California from surfboard bag canvas, designed to fit your style, whether it’s casual, classy, or somewhere in between. Take it to the beach or the farmer’s market – it’ll handle anything you throw in it. The reinforced stitching can handle loads up to 60 pounds. And when you’re not using it, store it in your car, jacket pocket, or hang it on the key hook for easy access whenever you step out. With “quality that exceeds expectations,” you’ll never need another tote bag.

One tote bag for every occasion

For a day at the beach

Heading down for a morning surf or a beach day with the fam? Pack up your beach towels, sunscreen, reusable water bottle, and board wax in a Faro tote. Then, go spend some quality time with Mother Nature.

For a trip to the farmer’s market

Big, ugly grocery totes are out. Canvas, reusable totes are in. Cruise down to your local farmers market and pack up your fresh fruit and vegetables in a tote that feels and looks good. You can even ditch the plastic produce bags, your tote will keep the food clean. 

And for everything else

We designed these sustainable tote bags for the beach and the market. But they do a hell of a lot more than that. Kick down to your local coffee shop with your laptop or favorite book in tow for a day of café work or quiet reading. Need a quick gym bag? Throw your shoes & spare clothes in the bag and head over in style. 

Locally handmade from sustainable, organic materials

Faro sustainable tote bags are locally handmade from the same organic canvas as our surfboard bags. A combination of organic cotton and hemp, these reusable canvas totes are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags.