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What is your packaging made of? 
Our packaging is crafted of a few different types of materials. Mainly we utilize recycled paper and recycled poly mailers with natural inks. We also use cardboard and paper tape that is easily recyclable.
Can I compost my packaging?
Yes! All paper inserts and cardboard boxes can be composted. 
Do you use natural inks in your packaging?
Yes! We use eco-friendly inks, for all notecards and packaging inserts. These inks are fully recyclable and also naturally biodegradable and compostable.
How do I recycle my packaging?
We recommend reusing the boxes your Faro Bags or other products have come in, extending the life of it just a little longer! If you can not reuse your box, break it down & bring it to your local recycling center (same for our recyclable poly mailers) or put it outside on the correct recycling day for your local garbage pickup. Easy! Remember, Faro branded paper tape is recyclable so no need to remove it.
Are the boxes curated cardboard?
Yes, all boxes are curated cardboard
Do I need to remove tape before recycling?
No, all Faro branded tape is recyclable!
Are all orders shipped carbon neutral?
Yes! We have teamed up with EcoCart to offset all carbon emissions created during the shipping process of our products.
Can I ask where you get your shipping materials from?
Of course! We are a transparent business and want to help and encourage other businesses to be as sustainable as possible. Drop us a message here and we would be stoked to help and share what we know.



 If you have any other questions about our process, packaging or materials please reach out or follow us on instagram where we often post about what we are doing on the backend to be more sustainable!