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Article: WSJ#001 - JACK VENTURA



Introducing the Wave Sliders Journal, Entry 01.

Welcome to The Wave Sliders Journal.

Jack here, writing entry numero uno of a little series called The Wave Sliders Journal – a compilation of weekly stoke hitting your inbox that will explore the path of simplicity, surf, travel, and craftsmanship.

Like the daily journal many of us keep, the weekly flow will be open to change, it will be open to many other authors with unique perspectives and contemplations on surfing, the world around us, and life's difficulties along with plenty of moments of joy, love, and peace. The moments when things fall apart and the moments when things come together. Entries on good waves and bad waves and how the Ocean, or the lack of her, affects our lives.

To be simple, authentic, and real is the only goal here.

I cannot say exactly what you will be getting in your weekly inbox but I hope it inspires you to be more mindful and adventurous.
jack ventura from faro board bags
This is an experiment. A place to get words from real humans out to other real humans and connect a community of like-minded individuals who care about the authenticity of people and products more than trending styles and concepts – timelessness.
All that being said, I hope to see you along the journey. Anything you want to share or say, just respond to these emails directly and you will get me or any guest writers of the entries we’re featuring that week.
Read on to see what we're stoked on and inspired by lately. Here's to taking on 2023 with simplicity, humility, quality style, and plenty of waves!
Enjoy the search...
-Jack Ventura

What We're Stoked On...

...In the Community

Eventually - a PNW Road Trip Film.
Some friends from the Pacific Northwest hit me up a few months ago and said they were about to embark on a surfing + camping road trip spanning the coast of northern Washington down through Central Oregon, and they were in need of some bags that could handle the journey. The end result was a short film of the trip, full of "speed bumps and adventure."
...In Thoughts & Quotes
“Wash yourself clean with simplicity, with humility, with indifference to everything but right & wrong. Care for other human beings…”

-Marcus Aurelius

a quote I have been stoked on from the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
...In the Faro Workshop

wetsuit backpack at the beach
El Navegante - Our new Dry-Bag Wetsuit Backpacks. Gone are the days of wet clothes or water-logged phones. 40L of wet/dry bag storage goodness for all seasons. Separate compartments & mindful design for the on-the-go adventurer.

Thanks for reading y’all and check back to this section of the website to see the weekly stories told by myself and other surfers in the community!