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sarah on a boat sailing with surfboard bags

The Wave Sliders journal

ENTRY # 022

Written By: Sarah Kowallik

Intro By: Jack Ventura

I'm sure many of you have someone in your life whom you're endlessly grateful for, despite not understanding what they gain from the friendship. For me, that person is Sarah Kowallik.

You may not know her, but she's left her mark on everyone in this community in a big way. Sarah was one of the earliest influences on the FARO brand, helping me create the logo, website, and original brand direction. She's also been an unofficial mentor, sanity-checker, and a voice of reason throughout FARO’s journey.

I hope you all enjoy this Wave Sliders Journal from my good friend, Sarah! Let her words inspire you to take chances and pursue your dreams…

Thanks, Sarah.


sarah on a boat sailing with surfboard bags

I still remember my first day in the surf. Completely clueless, I walked down to the water with a large, borrowed foamie wedged uncomfortably under my arm. I missed so many waves, got mercilessly swept up in the whitewash, and quickly realized I was goofy-footed…

When I reluctantly came out of the water after several hours to return my borrowed board, I had the biggest smile on my face. I’d gotten a taste of what it felt like to experience a sense of unity with the ocean, to be humbled by its power, and to lose my sense of time to its depths. I was new to this feeling of post-surf bliss, and I was hooked.

I spent the next month heading south along the Eastern Australian coastline in my 4x4 with a surfboard strapped somewhat precariously on top of the rooftop tent, occasionally braving beaches littered with Bluebottle jellyfish in my quest to surf all of the beginner friendly breaks I could find along the way.

When I got back to Canada, my uncle and I converted a van that I drove down to Baja to explore a remote stretch of coastline home to a series of sand bottom point breaks in the desert.

I didn’t realize the extent of it back then, but looking back on the past several years it’s clear that as I fell more in love with surfing it became a guiding force in my life that has introduced me to so many people, places, and parts of myself.

My surf adventure van became, and still is, my full-time home. The first break I surfed in Baja was where I learned how to hold my breath and dive below the surface in search of an evening meal.

I owe so much of what I’ve experienced, who I’ve become, and my growing love of the ocean to my surfing journey. Along the way I’ve also come to believe that chasing waves - or chasing anything you love, really - will inevitably bring you places and present you with opportunities you never could have anticipated…

-Sarah Kowallik

What Sarah's Stoked ON!

In The Surf Community:

I am stoked about everything FARO but my board bag is definitely my favorite piece of gear. I have my OG FARO bag for 4 years now, and its still going strong…


In Thoughts And Quotes:

“Surfing is not a sport, a hobby, or even a lifestyle. Instead, it is a path, a constantly evolving journey that directs where you go, how you live, and who you are.”

- Swell, Liz Clark

In The Faro Workshop:

The adjustable board bag in Olive Drab. I don't have one yet, but after an upcoming sailing/diving trip to Indonesia in a few weeks, I plan to be poking at Jack to get me a new one for my log.


Find Sarah on IG at - @thevanwagon

Thanks for reading, ya'll! Look out for the next WAVE SLIDERS JOURNAL coming soon.

- Jack