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The Wave Sliders journal

ENTRY # 023

Written By: Jack Ventura

Hey everyone, Jack here, founder of FARO. As we wrap up the last Wave Sliders Journal of the year I wanted to take this chance to let you know that 2024 is going to be an epic year! The Wave Sliders Journal is queued up with stories from friends, surfers, and photographers in the industry and I cannot wait to share those stories with you all. Don’t worry, you will still get my philosophical rants from time to time but you will most likely be seeing less of me in 2024 as I work to highlight others who inspire FARO and what we do. Enjoy the last Wave Sliders Journal of 2023.


Planning my surf for this afternoon, it looks like the tide and wind are aligning right in time for a filling WNW long-period swell.

With the new year beginning to be more than just a light shining through the crack in a doorway, I have been doing a lot of planning and reflecting for 2024. Every year around this time, I try to get myself prepared. I start thinking about my future goals and past achievements. I reflect on what went wrong and what went right. Usually I write this stuff down in my journal, and in an effort to organize my thoughts through this practice of journaling, I discover so many new dangling carrots that I confuse myself further.

I am pleased to see that my surf predictions are correct. I change and head for a secret not-so-secret stretch of reef: only to paddle out and get skunked for 4 hours straight... Long surfs without many waves often double as a time to think about the mess I make when trying to get "organized."

Personally, I set goals to become the best version of myself, but I don't set those goals with the sole purpose of achieving them. I set them to motivate myself to take action. I believe that the journey is more important than the destination, but without a destination, there is no journey. However, during that surf session, I realized that setting goals can sometimes limit me to a specific identity. And this is where things get messy...

The wind is shifting onshore and doesn't look to be switching back anytime soon, the makeable waves are becoming less and less frequent, and I can sense there is really no place in the lineup for my unfortunate session. I paddle in and set for the long walk back... another opportunity to reflect.

Just because we are one way or on a path to achieve one goal doesn't mean that we are only that way forever. The goals we set often have short timelines! We have plenty of time to achieve so much, and achieving one goal doesn't mean we can't achieve another. In fact, the skills we acquire compound, making future goals easier to achieve.

So, let the carrots dangle, I think to myself. I will get to them all in good time.

What We're Stoked On!

In The Surf Community

I'm excited about people achieving their goals! I've seen a few kick-starters that were launched and successfully funded, and a friend of mine organized a Film Festival in San Diego on December 9th - tickets have just gone on sale and are already almost sold out!

All the positive energy is getting me stoked for the future. If you're interested in the film festival, you can learn more by clicking below.


In Thoughts And Quotes

“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

-Alberto Giacometti

In The Faro Workshop

I’m stoked about the new gear that we will be releasing in 2024. For now, our board bags are fully stocked and available for shipping during the holiday season! The last orders should be placed by December 19th to ensure delivery before Christmas.


Thanks for reading, ya'll! Look out for the next WAVE SLIDERS JOURNAL coming soon.

- Jack