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Article: Surfboard baggage fees 2024

Surfboard baggage fees 2024

Surfboard baggage fees 2024

Surfing is a popular sport that requires the use of specialized equipment, such as surfboards. If you are planning to travel with your surfboard, it is essential to know the airline baggage fees associated with surfboards. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of surfboard baggage fees for the year 2024 among the top USA airlines.

Knowing these fees can help you plan your travel budget and avoid unexpected expenses. We will also provide tips on how to save on surfboard baggage fees, including packing light and joining airline loyalty programs. By understanding the surfboard baggage fees, you can ensure a hassle-free and cost-effective travel experience.

Surfboard Baggage Fee Comparison Among Top USA Airlines

If you are planning to travel with your surfboard, it is important to know the baggage fees associated with it on different airlines. In this section, we will provide a comparison of surfboard baggage fees among the top USA airlines for the year 2024.


Alaska Airlines offers an appealing option for surfers planning to travel with their boards in 2024. The airline allows passengers to check in a surfboard or paddleboard case, containing up to two boards, for a fee of $30. This is treated the same as any other piece of checked luggage, making it a cost-effective choice for surf enthusiasts. Importantly, Alaska Airlines does not impose any additional oversize or overweight charges specifically for surfboards, further enhancing the value for travelers looking to catch waves at distant beaches.


Frontier Airlines has specific fees for travelers looking to bring their surfboards along. For boards weighing less than 50 pounds, you'll be charged the standard checked bag fee. If the board is your only checked item, the fee stands at $35. Impressively, Frontier allows you to pack two surfboards in one bag for the price of one checked bag fee, making it a cost-effective choice for pairs of surfers. For those heading to or from destinations within North America, the surfboard fee is $100. However, for other international destinations, the fee increases to $150, ensuring your board reaches exotic waves alongside you.


Hawaiian Airlines provides surfers with affordable options to transport their boards, whether they're hopping between the Hawaiian Islands or heading out further. For those traveling within the Neighbor Islands, the fee to check a surfboard is just $35. If your journey extends between North America and Hawaii, the cost to bring your surfboard along increases to $100. And for surf enthusiasts aiming to catch waves at international destinations beyond North America, Hawaiian Airlines has set the surfboard fee at $150. This structured fee system makes it easier for surfers to plan their ocean adventures with Hawaiian Airlines.


American Airlines has made it easier for surfers to travel with their boards. Now, you can include your surfboard as part of your regular checked baggage allowance, removing the need for a separate surfboard fee. If your board is under 50 lbs and meets size guidelines, it's considered a normal suitcase, with no extra oversize fee.


United Airlines has revamped its surfboard policy, making it more wallet-friendly for surfers! Now, surfboards, wakeboards, and paddleboards can be checked as special items, as long as they're in the right board bag and don’t exceed 99.9 pounds (45.3 kg). The previous flat service charge for surfboards is gone, but standard oversize/overweight/excess baggage fees may still apply. For those flying outside California, be prepared for an oversized baggage fee ranging from $150 to $200, depending on your board’s size.

Tips to Save on Surfboard Baggage Fees

Surfers who travel frequently with their surfboards are often concerned about the expensive baggage fees charged by airlines. However, there are several ways to save on surfboard baggage fees, as outlined below:

1. Pack light

One of the easiest ways to save on surfboard baggage fees is to pack light. You can avoid carrying unnecessary items that add weight to your luggage, which can result in additional fees. Try to pack only the essentials and avoid overpacking.

2. Pack multiple boards in one bag.

Often airlines will charge per bag, and not per board (be aware not all airlines are like this). Packing multiple boards into one bag and stacking them inside a FARO Canvas Surfboard bag will help cut some costs and the FARO canvas covers will make sure your boards stay safe.

3. Join airline loyalty programs.

Joining an airline's loyalty program can help you save on baggage fees. Many airlines offer reduced or waived baggage fees for their frequent flyers. This can be particularly beneficial if you travel frequently with your surfboard.

4. Check airline policies before booking.

Finally, it is essential to check the airline's baggage policies before booking your flight. This will help you understand the weight and size restrictions for your surfboard and any additional fees that may apply. Knowing the airline's policy beforehand can help you pack and plan more efficiently, potentially saving you money.

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