Surf changing poncho
Dead stock changing poncho. Wetsuit changing poncho made in usa.
Made in California wetsuit changing towel
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Quality, Sustainable, Surf Changing Ponchos

The Best Surf Chnaging Poncho -- Designed, Cut & Sewn in California from Dead-Stock Material.

Use this chnaging poncho towel to easily change in and out of your wetsuit. Faro Chnaging ponchos look better than your average poncho, and will last longer than the others with reinforced stitching.

*One Size Fits All

Specs & Features:

  • Made from deadstock canvas that is naturally mildew and mold resistant so less maintenance is required to keep your poncho smelling clean.
  • Comfortable & Durable
  • Make changing in and out of your wetsuit easy.
  • Front Pocket for storage.
  • Lined hood to keep you dry and warm.
  • One size fits all.


Better Looking, Better Made, Longer Lasting Surf Changing Ponchos - Rugged, sustainable, dead-stock materials with reinforced stitching to create a great-looking, long-lasting product

Plaid Hood Lining

The Attention Is In The Details - A lined hood with extra water-absorbent, deadstock plaid material, keeps your hair dry and sets this poncho apart from others

Extra Length For Easy Chnaging

Best Fitting Changing Poncho - Sized better and long enough to keep you covered and changing easily and quickly. A better solution to normal, towel changing...

Supporting Sustainable Eco-Systems

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James Dyett
Best poncho I've ever purchased

comfortable, warm, and looks great.

Frank B.
Rugged, quality and a staple for everybody!

I use this almost every time I get out. It's a game changer not having to look for a bathroom or change in the car after surfing or shooting in the water. When it gets colder, it's warm enough to have on with the hood up when shooting from the beach. This thing is a game-changer!

lance petersen
Cool design

I liked it. Lots of room. Nice hood. Great color. The material is very workman like and not super soft.

john Brown
Great product.

This poncho works really well and as a female surfer it is hard to find a poncho with room to change in and out of. No complaints here! Thanks for a great poncho!

Sean Williams
I love this poncho!

I have been using it for weeks and it has not ripped, it has not faded and it works so great. Plenty of room to change in and out of my wetsuit and drys so quickly!