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Khaki Surfboard sock made from sustainable materials. Stops surfboard yellowing.
Surfboard bags for longboard surfboards. Bags for you 10' surfboards, 9' surfboards, 11' surfboards. Made to protect your surfboards
Surfboard bags for longboard surfboards. Easy to use surfboard bags, the best surfboard bag on the market.
Adjustable surf board cover for surfboards. Size include 6' surfboard bags, 7' surfboard bags, 8' surfboard bags, 9' surfboard bags.
Surfboard socks for longboard surfboards. Canvas surfboard bags by Faro Board Bags
Surfboard cover for surf boards. cover your Surfboard with a Faro Board Bag. Surfboard bags made from sustainable sourced materials.
Canvas Surf Board Bags. Faro surfboard bags the best surfboard bag on the market for any surf board.
Surfboard bag with a added handle strap to make carrying surf boards easy. Easily carry your surfboard with a Faro Board Bag
Surfboard bags that are adjustable to any surf board size. the best surfboard bags
Surf board sock
Surfboard cover for longboard surfboards
dry bag style surfboard bag
surf board cover socks that are the best surfboard bags on the market.
Adjustable surfboard bags
easy to use surf board bags
easy to use surfboard bags
Surfboard bags made in the usa


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Quality-Crafted, Adjustable, Surfboard Covers

Canvas Surfboard Bags Made From Sustainable Dead-Stock Materials. Built in North America To Protect Your Handmade Surfboards.

Surfboard bags Inspired by the simplicity of the past, when things were built to last. The Roll Bottom Surfboard Bag is the go to surf board cover for protecting your surfboards on any adventure. Handmade in the Californias to easily slide on and off all of the boards in your quiver - Including but not limited to your shortboard surfboard, fish surfboard, bonzer, mid-length or longboard. This simple, sustainable surfboard cover looks great and works even better.


Specs & Features:

  • Adjustable : Roll bottom closure fits to your exact board size
  • Sustainable : “Built To Last” using USA sourced deadstock cotton canvas and a recycled polyester lining
  • Easy To Use : Large opening makes getting your board in & out easier
  • SIngle Fin Slit : 10ft & 11ft bags come with a slit for large single fins
  • Width : 6ft - 9ft bags are 23 inches wide. 10ft & 11ft bags are 26 inches wide
  • Donation : Part of all sales go back to restoring Kelp Forests in California

Board Type and Sizing Tips:

The Roll Bottom Board Bag is made to fit any board in your quiver. From shortboards, mid-lengths, eggs, fishes, bonzers, and longboards. The possibilities are endless with this style bag! We recommend choosing the size bag that is equal to or larger than your surfboard length. 6ft bags are made to fit 6ft boards, 7ft bags made to fit 7ft boards, etc, etc. Contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help you match a bag to your favorite board!

If your exact board length is not listed, select the next size up. Having a little extra length won't hurt!

* 10ft bags come with a slit for a single fin.

*All bags are meant to be used with your surfboard fins on. That includes large glassed-in fins!

*Roll top closure allows you to easily fit different length boards in each bag.

*We recommend choosing the size bag that is equal to or larger than your surfboard length.

Available Colors:

Available Colors:

  Harbor tan longboard

Frequently Bought Together:

The perfect accessory to any board bag!
Sold out
Sold out

The Only Roll-Bottom Closure Board Bag

This unique adjustable surfboard cover is made to fit many different board sizes and is easier to use

Easier To Use Than Normal Board Socks

No more tight, stretchy board socks that are a pain to get on and off. Faro Board Bags slide on and off your surfboards with ease  

Refined & Rugged Style

Simple colors and designs that inspire adventure

Room For Large Single Fins

Longboard Bags come with a single fin slit so protecting boards with large fins is never a problem

Bags For Any Size Board

We have your entire quiver covered - Bags ranging from 6'-11'

Supporting Sustainable Eco-Systems

Thanks to our collaboration with Seatrees Kelp Restoration every bag purchased helps restore kelp forests in Palos Verdes California.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thomas Cunningham
Awesome bag

Bought the bag to ship a 6’ poly board on a plane but wanted a 9’ bag for another board. The 9’ bag worked for transit - it rolled up nicely at the tail and I taped it down before checking. The bag doesn’t have padding so I wrapped the board up in cardboard and towels before putting in the bag and that worked

sick bag m8

see title

Greg S
Best board bag I’ve ever used

Durable, functional, and I don’t even have to take my fin out. Would for sure recommend picking one up.

The Best Surfboard Cover

This is my go-to surfboard bag for my day-to-day surfs. It is extremely easy to use and convenient with the roll-bottom close. It works as a dry bag. The shoulder strap helps when I carry my board down to the beach. I was really impressed with the lining inside the bag, this helps with wax and gives some extra protection. All-in-all I am very impressed with my faro bag, thanks faro!